Financial Wellness Programme

Financial Wellness Programme

The programme consists of a series of face-to-face seminars or webinars and resources for employers to choose from according to the needs of their employees.


Format: Face-to-face seminar or webinar
Duration: About one hour

Topics Content Target
Do’s and don’ts of money management
  • Common fallacies of financial planning
  • Do’s and Don’ts of managing your money in different aspects (including budgeting, saving and investing, credit, etc.)
  • Introduction of money management tools
Younger staff
The ABC of investing
  • Investing Q&As, such as:
    • How to assess if you are suitable for investing
    • What should you invest in as a beginner?
    • How to diversify your investment portfolio
  • Behavioural biases in investment decision making
Staff who are beginner investors
Parenting and money
  • What should financially smart child be able to do at different ages?
  • Giving pocket money
  • Teaching children to set a financial plan
  • Walking the talk
Staff with young children
Understanding my life insurance policies
  • How to calculate insurance coverage
  • Choosing the right type of life insurance
  • Reading the sales documents
  • Transferring a life insurance policy
All staff
Starting my retirement plan
  • Factors affecting your financial needs in retirement
  • Six basic steps in retirement planning
  • Common financial products used to prepare for retirement
All staff
Managing my retirement fund
  • Financial challenges for retirees
  • Managing and reviewing changing expenses
  • Investing during retirement
  • Protecting and distributing personal assets
Staff retiring in a few years



Toolkits of different topics are provided as extended learning resources in addition to the seminars. Employers are encouraged to share these self-learning toolkits with employees via e-newsletters or the intranet.

  • Online Money Management Toolkit - This set of online money management tools and action checklists can help employees attain different financial goals.
  • Retirement Planning Toolkit - This toolkit assesses employees' readiness for retirement and introduces basic steps in retirement planning with action checklists.

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