Celebrating New Year with Kids

Chinese New Year (CNY) is a much anticipated time for children as they receive red packets and pocket money from relatives. Nowadays, with the popularity of electronic money, children are less likely to handle cash, making it harder for children to learn about the value of money.

Supported by the Education Bureau, the Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC) is pleased to introduce an online CNY game and an array of festive-themed money management worksheets for parents and children. After completing the different challenges, children can also personalise digital red couplets with their photos and send well wishes to their friends and families. Parents can also use the Laisee Money Budget Planner developed by the IFEC to teach children how to wisely utilise and manage their laisee money.

Supporting Organisation

Education Bureau


The campaign aims to encourage parents to teach children proper money concepts through fun-filled interactive games, and guide them to save and spend their laisee money wisely so as to cultivate good financial habits.

    Interactive online games: Let’s play fun rituals (in Cantonese)


    Two versions targeting primary one to three students, and primary four to six students respectively


    1. Laisee money wrapping challenge

    Key learning:
    Learn the different denominations of local currency

    How to play:
    Drag the correct amounts of laisee money into the designated red packets

    2. Be a shopping helper – snack box

    Key learning:
    Learn how to calculate the total amount and pay accordingly

    How to play:
    Buy the items required for the snack box, and then calculate and pay the total amount

    3.  Fill the "needs" hamper 

    Key learning:
    Distinguish between needs and wants

    How to play:
    Fill the hamper with items that are "needs"

    CNY surprise

    Players can create personalised red couplets with their own photos to send blessings and happiness around. They can use the virtual laisee money earned from the three challenges to unlock bonus decoration items.

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