$avvy Planning Teacher Webinar


In Hong Kong, financial education is an indispensable part in career and life planning (CLP). Good money management skills are required for dealing with tertiary tuition fee, salary, MPF contributions and life goal setting etc, and all these can be cultivated in schools. Investor and the Financial Education Council (IFEC) and Ming Pao Education Publication Limited has jointly organised a teacher webinar to support teachers to teach money management issues in CLP. Students can learn about the relationship between financial management and CLP, so they will be better prepared for further studies and employment.

Teachers can click on the three video links in the sharing period shown below, to view webinar and then request for “Savvy Planning” online teaching resource.  (Please view the third video to the last section, and fill in the Google form by the QR code that the presentation slide shown, to request for the teaching resource.) (Video-sharing period has expired. For teachers who are interested in the resource, please check our website for related seminars. Thanks.)


Video-sharing period 20 Jan 2021 - 19 Feb 2021
Target groups

Secondary school teachers who teach:

  1. Liberal Studies
  2. Career and Life Planning
  3. Business, Accounting and Financial Studies
  4. Personal, Social and Humanities Education
Language Chinese
Video content

1.  Career development opportunities in the new generation
     – prospect and necessary skills
     Lancy Chui – Senior VP in Greater China, Manpower Group

2.  Experience sharing in teaching CLP
     – relationship between CLP and social mobility

     Kwan Chin Ki - Teacher, Tung Chung Catholic School

3.  Financial education in CLP
     - introduction of the $avvy planning and related teaching
       resource developed by IFEC  (Request teaching
       resource for free)

     Joe Law – Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC)

Teachers who want to use the “$avvy Planning” teaching resource should keep a lookout on our website for upcoming seminars or join our community of teachers to know more about this resources and other teacher sharing.

11 Jan 2021